SPP185 Long Term Story and World Planning with Garrett Robinson

Dave is MIA and Sean’s voice is broken, so the guys call in Garrett who has the next loudest voice in the company. They talk about story and world planning, how to develop your world as you go, and how series work into that.

  • Something cool: Johnny’s new morning routine, and Sean’s weird conversation with an old guy at the airport, the guys make something up for Dave, and Garret chimes in with Legendary.
  • How authors should think in terms of story planning, where creation and production meet.
  • Garrett talks about not being ‘ready to write,’ in terms of skill, and how he approached that situation.
  • How Garrett is developing a fantasy story that follows the structure of The Avengers; each character has their own story, and they all come together for the greater epic.
  • The guys talk about different beats styles for plotting huge stories.
  • How to break Scrivener and lose your story.
  • More on interlinking characters across the same world in different stories.
  • Garrett’s BookBub add, and how writing now pays for his life.

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