SPP188 Gutsy Writing with Leslie Watts

Today the guys talk with Leslie Watts about writing with ‘guts.’ It’s okay to be vulnerable, to share your work, and to open to feedback. Leslie gets vulnerable and shares her thoughts on being quiet and thoughtful, on how she helps others get over their fears, and more.

  • Something cool: StoryShop funded, Sean saw the Steve Jobs movie and realized that he’s a dick, The Smarter Artist Summit and some of the confirmed guests.
  • Leslie shares her story about breaking out of her shell and being vulnerable, a.k.a. gutsy
  • Ever feel like it’s easier to do for other people than to do for yourself? You’re not alone. Leslie struggles with the same.
  • The ‘meek’ people among us – they tend to think their stories don’t matter. That couldn’t be more wrong.
  • You don’t need to be obnoxious like Johnny and Sean; a quiet, thoughtful approach works just as well, like Leslie has done.
  • Leslie shares some ways that she deals with criticism, and how she coaches others to handle it gracefully.
  • Is criticism really personal? What motivates a lot of critics isn’t you, but them.
  • It can be challenging to find your voice when you’re the quiet one in a noisy world, but Lesley talks about how you can do it.
  • Learn about some of Leslie’s services

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