SPP191 Creating a Whole New Genre with JA Huss

Julie Huss joins the guys right at the beginning, and after a little nonsense, they talk about how to forge your own genre.

  • Julie teased her next big project for a long while, and she confided in the guys. Now, the secret is OUT!
  • Answer this: Have you ever wanted to fuck a superhero? Now you can.
  • Find out what Julie went through to launch a totally new genre without alienating her audience.
  • Julie’s hero is a little Batman, a little Iron Man… and find out who else…
  • Julie share how her fans have responded to the new genre, and how she kept their interest.
  • Find out what contemporary science fiction is according to Julie.
  • Julie talks about one of her books based on a true story, and the strange comments fans have had, both good and weird.
  • High strategy for book prices, and the value of books that goes beyond money.
  • Julie talks about the Christmas present she gave the fans of one of her series.

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