SPP195 Multi-Sense Storytelling and Expanding Your Reach with Cameron Drew

Today, the guys talk to Cameron Drew, who works for a company that allows writers to create soundtracks for their writing – not just music but multi-layered sound. Want immersion? This is how you get it, for the writer and the reader.

  • Something cool: Dave’s is that they published a book this week – The Dark Crossing: Rites of Passage. Sean finally saw Mona Lisa, a stop motion movie. It’s not for everyone, but hey. Johnny is sacrificing his time for an awesome guest.
  • Amazon’s new policy on slapping warning labels on poorly edited books and quality issues.
  • Soundtracks! Fun for authors and others. Cameron talks about his experience creating soundtracks.
  • From the author’s perspective, they get access to the free to use tool to use music and sound effects that will help them realize the whole world they’re working on.
  • Thousands of different audio files spanning all the genres you can imagine, from doors to expansive sands.
  • Sean worries about overwhelm, and Cameron talks about the easy learning curve.
  • They offer services in addition to their free soundscape Book Tracks.
  • How Hugh Howie used the service to connect with his fans
  • How book tracks can be leveraged for additional revenue
  • Interesting way that musicians are also using the Book Tracks app.
  • How Books Tracks doesn’t rush ahead of the reader when playing sound effects
  • Cameron talks about whether it’s hard for readers to get into the technology

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