SPP197 Working With Editors with Jason Whited

Today the guys have one of the editors they work with, Jason Whited, to talk about what new AND experienced writers should know about working with an editor. They also talk about new writers specifically, and common mistakes they make.

  • Something cool: Dave found an indie movie called Circle, and it was amazing even though he started out hating it – Johnny finds something totally different on Netflix; Sean loves a PBS show all about the origins of things; Johnny likes Tucker Max’s book Mate.
  • Dave tell the story of how he met Jason, if that IS his REAL name…
  • So Jason sees a LOT of common mistakes that indie writers make, and he tells you how to avoid them.
  • Dollar versus nickel words, and what impresses editors.
  • How do you write a stereotype without being too stereotypical? Jason gives a simple strategy on how you can practice.
  • Sneaked versus snuck, and who and whom…. When and how to use it.
  • Viewer question: how do you handle made-up words characters use?
  • Do you have a handle on commas? Jason gives a primer, including the Oxford comma.
  • Jason digs into what it’s like to work with fragile writers and how it feel to ‘destroy dreams.’
  • A listener points out a ‘glaring error’ in the beginning of Axis of Aaron. Who’s right? Or is it whom…
  • Jason talks about what writers who don’t get grammar should do first.
  • The problem with jumping between points of view
  • Understanding where the line is between pretentious and good experimentation
  • First steps for new authors looking for editors.

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