SPP198 The Future of Publishing

Today the guys talk about the future of publishing. The parallel is drawn with television, and how people consume it. What’s more, the audience has far more choice, and there’s not so many fingers in the pie or advertisers to answer to.

  • Notes on the Iterate and Optimize podcast you might have been searching for
  • Something cool: Dave’s new Karma Police book; Sean loves Kingsmen; Johnny is thrilled about Smarter Artist’s Instagram account.
  • This episode is based on an article Sean found that compares the future of publishing to the changes have gone on in network TV.
  • Consider how you watch the TV you like; there’s no expiration date on seasons any more with platforms like Netflix.
  • If publishers are making it difficult to get your book, you’ll suffer. Self publishing makes for infinite shelf space.
  • The ‘long tail’ can now keep you alive as an indie publisher.
  • The guys discuss how things are going to change, not just in delivery of books, but how authors can be found.
  • The reader who refused to pay $4.99, and what that does to writers trying to make a living.
  • The problem with KDP Select and training readers to undervalue your work.
  • The guys’ auto-responder series and what they enjoy about the feedback they get.
  • Sean discusses competing on price and the problems with it.
  • A lesson learned from Febreeze’s campaign fix that made them a household success.
  • Little tricks you can use to make your reader’s experience more special, like Easter eggs.

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