SPP201 How to be Happy Where You Are in Your Writing Career

Writers are often guilty of comparisonitis – comparing themselves to other, far more successful writers. When you do that, it’s easy to get discouraged, but you miss the bigger picture. Those really successful writers were, at one time, where you are now. Today, the guys talk about being happy with where you are RIGHT NOW in your writing career.

  • Something cool: Sean’s excited about the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the controversial model who’s on the cover; Johnny’s excited about Chris Fox is doing a 21-day novel challenge; Dave saw The Witch, and he loved everything but the end.
  • Iterate and Optimize is out and temporarily discounted! Go to sterlingandstone.net/io
  • Today is a ‘Gratitude Show!’
  • Sean talks about the frame of mind, one full of gratitude, that enables your art to be better, your creativity to flow more easily, and your general level of happiness to increase.
  • Remember when you wanted to write and couldn’t self publish at all? That’s one HUGE reason for gratitude in today’s indie publishing world.
  • For that matter, take a moment to be grateful for today’s technology.
  • Read the book Mindset, and change yours!
  • Johnny talks about his struggle with being grateful during his moving experience.
  • Dave talks about what he is grateful for. A short segment…
  • Closing thoughts and listener love.

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