SPP202 Downsizing for Authors with Kevin Tumlinson

Today, Kevin Tumlinson talks about intentional minimalism and paring things down to what matters. It’s time to change the way you think about your possessions! It’ll free you up to be a much better artist!

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  • News for the Smarter Artist Summit, find out at SmarterArtistSummit.com
  • Something cool: Dave is happy about House of Cards new season; Sean just saw The Revenant and was impressed with the bear attack.
  • Kevin joins the guys and confesses his undying love for SPP.
  • Kevin explains what he means by ‘downsizing for authors,’ and it stems from his experience moving to a much smaller home.
  • You should spend some time re-thinking what you have and how you do things; it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially with your tools.
  • Johnny talks abut how his own moving experience and how he normally does his creative work.
  • The ‘moving party’ approach to downsizing that may be TOO radical for you.
  • Nothing is sacred, not even your clothing.
  • Have you ever considered trading your ‘stuff’ for experiences?
  • Dave talks about his sentimentality and having a difficult time getting rid of it.
  • Sean’s mom could be on Hoarders.
  • One VERY important idea about holding onto items because you spent money for it, like DVDs.
  • Kevin talks about how downsizing has made him a better writer/artist.
  • Johnny shares how getting rid of his possessions has kept his things from possessing him.
  • Someone admits to the equivalent of dumpster diving every trash day.
  • Sean tells a story that ends with: ‘…it had a rusty hole.’
  • The two reasons people keep things.

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