SPP203 Intentional Reading for Authors with Maya Goode

As a writer, you need to feed your brain with good things. Today the guys talk with Maya Goode, from Literary Roadhouse, about being very intentional with your reading.

  • Something cool: Sean’s glad Stephen King’s book didn’t have a terrible ending; Dave likes Better Call Saul; the guys knock Fuller House
  • When you get the advice ‘read a lot,’ no one tells you WHAT to read, and why
  • Do you think you could read an essay, a poem, and a short story every day?
  • There are benefits of reading short stories to learn; partly because you can experience so many different authors and genres
  • Maya shares a great strategy for picking what books and stories to read
  • Johnny talks about the experience of editing something written years ago
  • Recommendations for books that teach you how to read
  • Do you have a ‘reading queue?’
  • Maya suggests you read the novels that are causing strong love/hate
  • Short stories are huge; Maya shares how she finds an endless supply of short stories
  • It’s okay to read bad stories; sometimes you can learn just as much from a terrible story as you can from one that’s great
  • Have you considered reading internationally? It’s a great way to get different worldviews AND different styles.
  • Everyone goes WAY off track with Fast and Furious critique.
  • Back on topic, Maya suggests letting your writing goals inform the reading list you build.

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