SPP204 Building a Business One Fuck Up at a Time with JB Glossinger

Today the guys welcome JB Glossinger, the Morning Coach, who’s built a business one fuck-up at a time. So yes, it CAN be done.

  • Something cool: Sean talks about scheduling a wedding with his wife when he worked at a flower shop during wedding season, and his first vacation ever; Johnny’s is obvious: the magic of revision; Dave’s glad he’s not on a cruise.
  • JB is a very successful businessperson, and he’s been podcasting since podcasting started. He’s also got a PhD in metaphysics and business.
  • His perfect day: get up, get baked, go play golf… want to know how he got to that point?
  • JB talks about his perfect business model: fuck up, fix it, try again. He also talks about one of the hidden benefits of working with people who know you’re going to make mistakes.
  • Should you rush through and make all your mistakes early, or should you make sure you’re going to succeed first? Bet you can guess which…
  • Would you believe that JB listens to Stephen King’s On Writing at least once a month. Find out why.
  • Does JB have a dark side? If you have one, how much of it should you show?
  • The myth of overnight success, and the ONE person who actually achieved it.
  • How many of your mistakes should you share when you’re an authority in your space?
  • What’s the ratio of failure to success? 90/10: can you guess which is which?
  • Dave almost accuses JB of being a phony motivational speaker and JB turns in around on them. He talks about how he managed to be motivational when he was losing his house.
  • JB explains how to have confidence in your core audience, and how 60% of people have NO EFFING CLUE.
  • You have to be fearless when it comes to alienating people, and JB explains why.
  • Your quality of life depends on getting your spending and debt under control, then pulling in a few thousand, so you can AFFORD to make mistakes.
  • JB talk about how writers can sell before they create, and how the tribe mentality plays in.
  • He discusses how to engage with his tribe to find out what the want from you, and how you can use the data from that.
  • JB talks about the biggest lesson he’s learned from his FIRST business mistake, and how it’s guided him through the rest of his life. YOU can learn from his mistake, too.

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