SPP206 Have a Tribe and Love Your Tribe

Today the guys recap their experiences and lessons from the Smarter Artist Summit, and what YOU can take away from what they learned.

  • Something cool: Dave got a hand-made teddybear with one of his famous quotes; Sean got a new decoy wallet; Johnny’s house sold and he’ll be in Austin in his new place.
  • Dave’s takeaways from the Smarter Artist Summit, especially that no one peed on the toilet seats.
  • Dave gets WAAAAY too excited about a new podcast that is nothing but 99Designs ads, in the gleeful, evil genius way.
  • Sean shares the story of getting Dave to Austin for the Summit.
  • Dave 2.0 makes an appearance as he talks about his experience at the Summit in a POSITIVE way.
  • Sean shares the behind-the-scenes story about Julia Kent, a guest speaker, and what she was afraid to say to the audience that worked out opposite from what she expected.
  • Writers’ communities often are filled with snipers and wannabes, but that was NOT what the guys experienced at the Summit.
  • Sean had an emotional experience about his Smarter Artist imprint regarding something he’s been putting off since the beginning, and explains the mind shift – and new direction – that has come as a result.
  • Dave rants about no-talents who take others’ ideas, package them up, and sell the information at a premium.
  • Sean talks about who the Summit is for (for next year), and what you can take away from it. Is it for un-published writers?
  • The guys talk about the logistics of putting together the Summit.

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