SPP208 Writing to Market with Chris Fox

Today’s guest is Chris Fox, multi-published author, and he discusses writing to market. This isn’t writing crap for a successful market, but providing what readers are passionate about in a market you love.

  • Johnny talks about his coming move and the guys compare internet bandwidth sizes.
  • Something cool: Dave’s happy about Karma Police; Sean’s something cool is the Smarter Artist stuff coming down soon
  • Sean says pick up Chris’s book, Write to Market and read it, then buy the audio book and listen to it. It’s that’s good.
  • You can’t just pick a market and write in it; but as an indie, you have a lot more flexibility.
  • Chris shares the way he looks at stats to decide what to write next, ‘trend-watching.’
  • Understanding fads and book longevity.
  • Johnny questions the viability of chasing trends that are too niche
  • Sean pitches a sci-fi solution to market noise and also-bots.
  • Chris gives some extra hacks around reader psychology and why people read what they read.
  • Dave gripes about the books that suck but still do well, and Chris gives his encouragement for writers.
  • There are unwritten rules when crossing genres, like it’s okay to have some Western in your Fantasy, but not so much to have Fantasy in your Western.
  • Johnny and Chris discuss loving the genre before you write in it; you should have a lot of fun writing.
  • Chris talks the pros and cons of pre-orders on Amazon and shares his experience.
  • Sean talks about what ‘boxes to tick’ when writing to market – not just your intended audience but also for you as a creator.
  • Chris talks about the huge mistake he made by publishing an extra chapter just before it went live without sending it to an editor first.
  • They guys talk about some Scrivener issues YOU need to be aware of if you’re collaborating.


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