SPP209 Using Artificial Intelligence to Sell More Books with Michael Anderle

YOU WON’T BELIEVE the announcement the guys have today. This episode was recorded within the last week, because the news is too amazing to wait. Can you imagine having software that can analyze your story for audience, marketability based on genre, and more? This is an episode that’s hot off the presses with ideas that will help authors, and watching them come to life!
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  • Something cool: Sean’s happy about today’s show; Johnny is happy about the StorySeller Bootcamp; Dave is pre-preparing for a move to Austin.
  • Amazingly huge things are on the way with Sterling and Stone: a story analyzer, market research done for you, and a discoverability engine for authors.
  • The software will complement StoryShop, and will also stand alone.
  • Michael explains the genesis of the story analyzer, that sounds totally sci-fi, and how it’s based on chaos math.
  • Michael explains how the math works behind the software, and how it manages to come to a human-like conclusions.
  • Sean owns the word ‘magical.’
  • There’s a ‘magic button’ that will allow you to know what changes will make your book more marketable, and point you toward direct marketing applications.
  • Despite the ‘applied intelligence’ versus ‘artificial intelligence,’ the software points YOU to make the decisions. It points at problems; it doesn’t write the book for you.
  • An amazing case study involving anime and how the software suggested an ingenious approach to make a book into a graphic novel series.
  • As for marketing through social media, the software also can suggest the best posts and when to post them.
  • While Smarter Artist is write better stories faster, the software brings in ‘sell’ better stories faster.
  • The software can help you know who your book will appeal to, and the results of your writing can be surprising.
  • While there isn’t a timeline, and there’s a lot MORE behind the scenes, you’re going to be floored as we continue to release information.

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