SPP212 The System We Use to Write and Sell Books

You know by now that the SPP guys are successful authors, and today, they share the system that they’ve spent years iterating and optimizing. It’s an inside look at what the Bootcamp will be, so you’ll get some great tips and strategies. Wondering about StoryShop? Get an update today!

  • Something cool: Sean suggests the guys actually come up with these in advance, and his son made the all-star baseball team; Johnny has new acoustic treatment, and Dave has nothing at all.
  • Sean lays out the first steps to the story writing process using Invasion as an example.
  • Johnny explains the wheeling and dealing that goes into cover designs and the odd inspirations that change what the guys have decided to write.
  • Sean explains the different subjects that the Bootcamp will cover, as well as the basic strategies they’ll cover.
  • Johnny gives several examples what the Bootcamp will cover, and provides a deeper look at the actual content.
  • Sean picks apart Patterson’s chapter writing style.
  • The guys answer reader questions about POV, dramatic irony, writing to market, and more.
  • Johnny talks about a super smart way to do a cliffhanger.
  • Sean says: “We’re professionals because we’re amateurs who didn’t quit.” Take that to heart!
  • The guys discuss the awesome website they’re building that is specifically for indie authors.
  • Dave gives his Skeptic’s Seal of Approval for the bootcamp and the products the guys are building because it’s not the typical ‘sell false hope and run with the money’ thing most people do.

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