SPP213 Business for Creatives with Archer Caldwell

Today’s guest is a member of the Sterling and Stone team – he keeps Johnny and Sean from ‘doing stupid shit’ with their creativity. Since you are an artist AND entrepreneur, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. (If you don’t think you’re an entrepreneur, think again!)

  • Something cool: Sean loves the animated short ‘The Present;’ Dave likes mies en place and a book by a chef; Johnny’s cool thing is sloppy seconds, but still manages to be the coolest – StoryShop is going beta SOON! Maybe already if you’re listening on the feed.
  • Sean loves deep, manly voices like Archer’s.
  • Archer saves the day as Sean writes about unicorns when it comes to taxes and business stuff.
  • Archer explains the difference between ‘widget’ factories and putting your art into the world. He uses the word ‘priority’ and Sean giggles.
  • Sean and Archer discuss risk tolerance and pivoting when it comes to writing a book.
  • Archer lays out some of the BIGGEST mistakes new authors make.
  • Archer dispels the myth that you become an entrepreneur to quit working.
  • The TAX talk and the basics writers need to know about how to manage them.
  • The problem with the IRS and getting double dipped on Amazon 1099s.
  • Make sure to get a ‘prenup’ when you go into business with a partner.
  • Archer lays out the list of what you should do for being a creative in business.
  • Wondering about accounting software? Archer gives his recommendations.
  • Get Archer’s email address for simple questions you might have.

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