SPP214 Making the Most with What You Have

When it comes to lean business, bootstrapping, and agile startup, you’ve got to make the best you can with what you have.

  • Something cool: Johnny is watching Master of None; Sean’s reading Dad Is Fat, Food: A Love Story, and Bedwetter; Dave’s watching the NBA Playoffs.
  • Building a virtual team versus centralizing and organization
  • Sean explains how today’s topic is different from iterating and optimizing
  • StoryShop is a great example of a lean and agile startup and the minimum viable product, and Sean explains the thought process behind it
  • Big visions are great, but you can’t leap to the end result
  • Sean talks about how waiting for StoryShop’s delay shouldn’t delay your writing, and why
  • Dave shares his own experience with the Ira Glass ‘talent’ mentality
  • Johnny re-iterates the difference between minimum product and minimum viable product
  • Sean explains how you have more creative freedom when you’re bootstrapping
  • Focusing on what you do have versus focusing on what you DON’T have
  • How honest do you need to be with yourself when it comes to what phase your business is in?
  • Johnny discusses the actual tools a business needs to grow and related costs.
  • The MailChimp and AWeber problem and business budget

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