SPP216 The Tool That Will Change How Much You Write

The Sterling and Stone guys have been hard at work creating the next-gen writing experience, not just for solo authors, but especially for collaborators. The new StoryShop platform goes so far beyond what was originally planned, and you can look forward to incredibly elegant solutions to all your writing needs, from planning to packaging.

  • The guys bitch about Blab and leave the platform without telling their podcast network manager. (Seriously, I’m finding out right now as I edit this.)
  • Something cool: Johnny loves the books by Phillip Paulman; Dave talks about Twitter’s huge freakin’ problem with passwords; Sean likes Happy Valley that has a very ugly hook.
  • Seth give an update on the StoryShop problems, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
  • The guys discuss what caused the initial beta problems, and what they would have done differently next time.
  • Sean talks about what ‘beta’ actually means in software development, and how a miscommunication caused people to think that StoryShop was a complete product.
  • Seth talks about the deep level of detail for the software, including support for color blindness.
  • The guys make a *big reveal* of an INCREDIBLE function of StoryShop that no one has heard about yet.
  • Sean and Johnny discuss the ways that the new StoryShop will improve upon the parts of Scrivener that don’t work for collaboration and more.
  • Seth explains how syncing isn’t an issue with the StoryShop platform.
  • The guys discuss how the web app will become a native app, from Web to PC to OSX to Android.
  • Johnny lists out some of the things that make the StoryShop platform next gen.
  • Sean has a ‘drop the mic’ moment when he gives his heartfelt mission in creating StoryShop.
  • Dave has a classic moment where he lays out the worst case scenario where Sterling and Stone goes broke because of mean people on the Internet.

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