SPP218 Writing Good Dialogue, Fight Scenes, and Arguments

Sometimes authors struggle with the very elements that bring their stories to life and add action, excitement, and drama. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about how to write compelling and honest dialogue, fight scenes, and arguments that won’t leave your characters feeling like cardboard cutouts.

  • Something cool: Sean is excited about the website; Dave is excited about designing dark, disturbing t-shirts, and Preacher; Johnny loves Outlaw protein bars and roasted edamame.
  • Johnny shares a very good piece of advice from Stephen King on writing dialogue: tell the truth.
  • Sean shares his thoughts on arguments between loved ones, and how to seed the story to make them explosive and visceral.
  • Dave and Johnny explain how to handle dialogue tags when there are a lot of interruptions.
  • Johnny explains why the argument shouldn’t be nice and neat, and how the heart of the argument can be expressed through small things, like washing dishes.
  • Sean talks about ‘the monologue,’ and other common indie mistakes in dialogue.
  • Johnny explains how arguments aren’t always about what IS said, but what ISN’T.
  • What makes a great argument? When both parties are right, and Sean explains.
  • Dave talks about common mistakes in fight scenes, like hyper-awareness.
  • Sean explains why sex scenes are light fight scenes.
  • The guys discuss exactly how much you should tell your reader, and how much they should infer on their own.
  • Dave talks about space and time considerations within an environment.

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