SPP219 Writing the Damn Book with Stacy Nelson

Today’s guest is the author of Write the Damn Book, Stacy Nelson. She helps people figure out what’s blocking their progress or preventing them writing the first few words. Stacy focuses on non-fiction, but there is SO MUCH you can apply to every type of writing, or art in general.

  • Something cool: Sean loves the Apprentice program; Johnny is happy to finish Resurrection; Dave is excited about Stranger Things coming out on Netflix soon.
  • Stacy talk about the very first time she tried to write a book. She went on to write 15 more books before she ever published her first one.
  • Sean gets excited about how Stacy compared just getting it done to a great wax job.
  • Stacy explains the difference between someone who’s going to write someday versus the author.
  • Stacy and the guys discuss the ‘who the fuck am I to ________,’ and how you really have to put your stake in the ground.
  • Dave asks about being ready to start, and KNOWING when you’re ready to start.
  • Stacy explains motivation: writing for others, or is it writing for yourself.
  • Want to know how to sound like a jackass? Edit as you write! (That’s NOT a good thing…)
  • Stacy sings about the ‘BOOK!’ (Cue angel choir)
  • Johnny asks Stacy about some ‘on the ground’ advice for those who are stuck and need help now.
  • Stacy talks about how to take your old, unfinished work and turn it into a goldmine for your current and future projects.
  • Stacy’s assistant ‘stalks’ her by copying her social media posts and putting them into a doc for Stacy to review every month, and she finds GREAT content in it.
  • Every artist and hopeful thought leader deals with imposter syndrome, and Stacy talks about how she overcomes it herself.
  • Sean decides to adopt Stacy’s term, ‘active waiting.’

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