SPP223 Paradigm Shift in the Audiobook Industry with Scott Brick and Greg Lawrence

Sterling and Stone, Podium Publishing, and narrator Scott Brick, have done amazing things in the audiobook world, and their latest endeavor has cast them into uncharted waters. Today, they discuss the Indie Fiction Podcast, what it is, and why it threatens the audiobook industry as a whole. We already know how traditional publishing is lagging behind; will the audiobook industry avoid that mistake?

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One Reply to “SPP223 Paradigm Shift in the Audiobook Industry with Scott Brick and Greg Lawrence”

  1. Dan Absalonson

    Awesome episode. You guys are trailblazers, but I just had to let you know in a lot of ways you are going down a well worn path on this one. There is precedence for this. Self published authors have been releasing their books first as podcast audiobooks for like a decade. Even though your approach is a bit different, hearing you call it something new was a little jarring. Authors have been releasing their books specifically tailored to the commute on http://www.Podiobooks.com for years. That’s how authors like Scott Sigler and Nathan Lowell got their start. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention that or Podiobooks. Anyways, just my two cents. Major kudos to you for releasing it daily though! That is new and I think it will work really well for you so that’s awesome!
    I’m super excited to see what happens with this, and Scott Brick is my favorite living narrator! It’s amazing you got him for your audiobook. The late Frank Muller is my other favorite. Best of luck. I hope it’s a huge success for you guys. Thanks for another great episode!

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