SPP224 Automation for Authors with Arianna Golden

Automation is a must-have for highly productive people like Arianna Golden. You can use automation tools to do the repetitive things you don’t like, or can’t remember to do. Things like social media across multiple platforms, reminders for things you’ve pre-scheduled, collaborating with others with if/then tasks, and communicating with your audience, there’s virtually NO limit to what automation tools can do.

What if you could make your writing FAST, FUN, and BETTER THAN EVER?

In the indie publishing world of rapid releases and blistering word counts, it's easy to end up burned out with subpar work, and a loss of the enjoyment that once fueled your craft.

There's a better way. Download your free copy of 'How to Write Fast' today...

2 Replies to “SPP224 Automation for Authors with Arianna Golden”

  1. Kevin Partner

    I really enjoyed this episode. I love hearing from people who go beyond “just” writing books – Arianna is developing an entire system to make herself more productive and efficient.

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