SPP233 Developmental Editing With Clark Chamberlain

One of the most frequent questions we get at Sterling and Stone is what developmental editing actually is. Right up there with that question is how to work with a developmental editor. Today, the guys talk with Clark Chamberlin, a new addition to the Sterling and Stone team, whose specialty is developmental editing. You’ve got questions about developing your story? He’s got answers.

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4 Replies to “SPP233 Developmental Editing With Clark Chamberlain”

  1. LindaGordonHengerer

    What defines the romance genre is having an ending that is either Happily Ever After (HEA) or Happily For Now (HFN). If the story doesn’t end with HEA or HFN, it’s not considered a romance; it would be women’s fiction.

  2. Jim

    I really enjoyed this episode and I found your personal story (Clark) really interesting. I think that editing is something I would like to get into and I would like to learn more. Following your initial experiences as an author, could you tell me how you came to such a good understanding of story structure, the elements that make a good story and the tropes that characterize and are essential in respective genres? Besides The Smarter Artist books, I’ve read John York’s book (Into the Woods) and I know about the Campbell/Jung/Booker stuff but are there some other books that get down into the genre-specific nitty gritty? Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

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