SPP239 Literary vs Genre Fiction

As a newer author, you often have to make hard choices, especially when it comes to what type of books you want to write. Many of us want to go the literary route, and while it’s creatively satisfying, it’s not necessarily the best idea for when you’re just starting out. There is a balance to be struck, and the guys discuss how to get it right: feeding your creativity and feeding your family.

  • Consider what your schedule allows when you want to balance your literary ambitions with the genre fiction that often pays the bills.
  • When you write literary fiction, the preproduction is a lot more involved, but you are more free to follow your muse.
  • Spending a little time on literary fiction will help you become a better storyteller in genre fiction.
  • When writing literary fiction, you must consider how your story speaks to YOU in addition to potential readers.
  • You can’t go into literary fiction expecting it to sell, so as a new writer, you probably want to focus on genre fiction first. Once you’ve ensured your financial stability, you can free yourself to work on passion projects.
  • Consider Spielberg: he created Jurassic Park, but he also works on passion projects between blockbusters.
  • You need to think about the journey you’re taking your readers on – from the books you write to the marketing that surrounds them. If you’re new and hopping from genre to literary, you might not have the rapport with them you need to be successful.
  • It’s surprisingly difficult to market and sell your literary book through SEO and descriptions. Eat your broccoli first.
  • Despite the challenges, when you write literary fiction, you have a much better opportunity to affect people and say significant things.

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