SPP240 How to Use Email to Bond with Fans and Make More Sales

Who wants to spend their time trying to figure out what to say to their fans, when what the fans really want is more books? That’s not entirely true. Today the guys talk about using email to bond with your fans in a way that will help you make more sales. It’s not as tough as you think, and Dave’s standing in for you today with all the hard questions.

  • An autoresponder is a predetermined set of emails that happen when someone joins your list or another trigger. A broadcast is something you send out to everyone independent of a trigger. You have control over what goes out when so you don’t blast new people or confuse them.
  • An effective autoresponder doesn’t dump your ‘getting to know you’ story all in one email. How would you introduce yourself at a party?
  • There’s a happy medium between a deluge and ignoring them even though they signed up to hear from you. Talk to your people to find out what they want.
  • Email has one job: get opened. You aren’t emailing to sell; you’re emailing to bond.
  • Never give away a bribe/opt in reward that you wouldn’t charge money for; make things valuable and deliver on your promises.
  • Remember: you have a lot in common with your market, but you are NOT your market. They want to hear from you, about you, and to share their passions and favorite things with you.
  • Your autoresponder is meant to 1) catch your reader up with who you are over the first several emails, and 2) nurture the relationship by providing value. It should never have a sales pitch in it.
  • You don’t need to be better than every other author. You just need to be worth their time.
  • As you iterate and move forward, you can tag new people when they come in and do a sideways sequence.

Want help engaging with your audience via email? Download the cheat sheet we use at sterlingandstone.net/email-essentials. There you find the Email Essentials Checklist, and the Ninja Author Email Autoresponder.

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