SPP243 What to Expect from Smarter Artist in 2017

The Smarter Artist finally got it legs in 2016. It’s be something of a red-headed stepchild for us, because we have always been ‘fiction first.’ That said, when our audience basically demands we divulge the details of how we went from three people to a growing team of almost 10, we listen. And we’ve got some mind-blowing things happening this year.

  • Why Bootcamp was free when no one else would consider doing it for that, and how Apprentice forced us to be better writers.
  • We’ll be holding Work Retreats with experts like Andre Chaperone, and together, we’ll map out our attendees’ email autoresponders, and a podcast retreat where people will walk away with everything they need to start their own podcast.
  • We’ve SO excited about our Masterclass series, where we provide, FOR FREE, a focused learning experience with experts.
  • We’re planning on expanding our YouTube presence, to make sure we can provide learning for people across a wide range of mediums.
  • We are BANISHING the word ‘blog.’ No more bullshit blog posts; we’re creating high-value articles.
  • Among other podcasts, we’ll be relaunching our StoryShop podcast, which will feature our own development editor. He and his guest hosts will tear apart stories.
  • The Smarter Artist podcast will stay the same except for one thing: we’ll be inviting our peers and audience to contribute great content.
  • In addition to StoryShop, we’ve got another app under wraps that is something WE need, and then we’ll share it with you. Yep. We suck. We can’t give you details.
  • The BIGGEST endeavor of next year, according to Johnny, is… ready? We are finally releasing a course. Don’t cringe. It’s not sleazy. Remember – unlike a lot of other people, we make a living and support our families writing fiction. We want to teach you to do it, too, the right way.

We can’t wait to get started on the Work Retreats, so stay informed about what’s coming up, when! (Ever wanted to start a podcast but weren’t sure how?)
You can also stay up-to-date on ALL Smarter Artist events you heard about today on our page made JUST for writers.

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