SPP245 How to Find the Time You Need to Write with Christine Niles

Many beginning writers have a hard time incorporating writing time into their busy schedules. Guess what? We all have the same number of hours in a day, so you’ve got to make the most of them. Christine Niles, one of the Sterling and Stone Superwomen, reveals how to budget and reclaim lost time, so you can finally find time to write.

  • Christine has spent YEARS being organized and efficient, and teaching others how to do likewise. But for the longest time, she’s been a ‘cobbler’s child,’ which is something many creatives face. It gets difficult when you’re not accountable to others for deadlines.
  • Christine went back to her project management background. She did a time study where she documented her days, saw trends, and was able to manage the many interruptions in her life.
  • The time study is a way to be honest with yourself about what you accomplished, because you look at the facts, not the feelings you have about what you did.
  • Consider making an ‘I Did This’ list, where you rate what you do on a scale of important to irrelevant. It’ll give you a look at where you’re spending your time and whether or not it will help you achieve your goals.
  • Also, don’t lie to yourself on your time study. That’s just silly. If you’re web surfing cat videos, don’t call it research.
  • Feeling like a naughty little kid getting away with something is fun for a little while, but then you have the time hangover. Is it worth it?
  • So what story do you tell yourself about what you do? Are they true?
  • Multi-tasking is a temptation from Satan, according to Christine. There is NO study that says multitasking is efficient.

Get your copy of Time to Write. If you’re one of those people who feels like you don’t have time, this book will ask you to take a critical look at what you’re doing. There are tons of worksheets and a strategy for accountability. You WILL have time to write!

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