SPP246 Storytelling for Social Profit with Laura Leigh Clarke

Storytelling is something we all love and enjoy. But did you know there’s a lot more to our stories as a society than entertainment? Today, our guest is Laura Leigh Clarke, who believes that we create the world that we want through the fiction we tell. And as authors, it’s both an incredible opportunity and a big responsibility.

  • Laura talks about the wake-up call she had when reading sci-fi, and how she was inspired to write it herself.
  • The group discusses hwo our mythology shapes our culture using the example of the ‘wild, wild west’ and the US’s love of guns.
  • Laura’s been talking with people from around the world about how to shape nations with stories, so they can improve the quality of life, change the world.
  • As authors, we all carry this responsibility, and Laura explains how you can embrace new paradigms in your storytelling that can help change the way people think.
  • Laura shares her vision about how to keep your ideas subtle but powerful, and how to start from a timeline to look more deeply at social conflict.
  • The group discusses the different social conflicts, such as being gay, being a woman in Trump’s coming presidency, third world countries, technology, and more.
  • Sean discusses how your story should never take a back seat to your social agenda, and how to find a balance between both.
  • Johnny and Dave talk about heavy-handed propaganda and being ‘preached at,’ and the fine line you walk between that and your message. In other words,
  • Laura explains how we are ‘brainwashed’ by stories, and how our brain can’t really tell the difference between stories and life.
  • The group discusses the different between positive messages and warning messages, and how warnings aren’t as effective as people think they are.
  • Laura even asserts that recycling can be sexy if done in the right way, by focusing on solution rather than the problem.
  • The group discusses how you’re inserting your worldview into your stories already, and when you’re intentional about it, so be aware of the belief systems you share with the world.

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