SPP247 Commerce and Creativity with John Monk

Every artist has a struggle: feeding herself creatively while also putting actual food on the table. Sure, we’ve addressed this topic before, but John brings an interesting angle and emerging trend to the discussion that will open your eyes to what’s possible, and that feeding and food shouldn’t be an either/or struggle.

  • John and Dave talk about the remarkable similarities between their two books and some of the differences. Who ripped off whom?
  • John talks about the book that payed for his wife’s cancer treatment, and how he managed to make that much, even though he didn’t have a big list.
  • Want to keep track of your stuff? Do what John did and make an Excel spreadsheet, where every day equals a single task.
  • John talked about how Facebook ads for a secret pre-order to ‘goose’ the also-bots.
  • S&S tends to be wide in terms of genre, but John talks about how he stayed narrow to succeed with Amazon ads. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t waste your money.
  • Being fancy in your descriptions isn’t the best thing to do; John talks about how being straightforward in his ads boosted his sales.
  • Series stories is big, but like S&S, John is pulling away from it. Find out why…
  • While you should embrace realism, there is also a line that you need to draw for yourself. More importantly, draw a line for your readers, so they know what to expect.
  • Dave and John discuss why speculative ideas are what make people of all ages read ‘young adult’ fiction.

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