SPP250 How to Have Confidence in your Writing

New writers often struggle with confidence. What they don’t realize is that established authors often suffer from the same thing. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave dig into the topic of confidence and how you can keep the lack of it from crippling you.

  • They guys talk about things that can rip at your confidence, including just starting out.
  • Dave explains why his confidence is all over the place, and how he got his start as a terrible comic artist (who eventually got better).
  • Sean explains how you must ‘box in your own weight class.’ If you’re comparing yourself to the best, you’re not being fair. They already been through the learning phase you need to experience.
  • There is a thing as too much confidence, and Sean explains how M. Night Shyamalan suffered from hubris.
  • Success breeds confidence, but to succeed you have to have confidence. It’s a catch 22, almost. The guys explain how to build that initial push, and having confidence and anxiety at the same time.
  • Dave talks about having an ‘inner circle’ of people who can support you and help you get your work ready for a wider audience.
  • Johnny explains how confidence in one field can translate to overall confidence to help you succeed in another field.
  • If you’re lacking confidence alone, then you might need to get feedback from someone else. Or, if you’re daring enough, put it out under another pen name.
  • If you have projects that bomb, it’s not a reflection of YOU. You can make it better or get rid of it, but don’t give up.
  • Many times, you have to ask yourself what will REALLY happen. No one is going to show up at your house, strip you naked, and laugh at you.

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