SPP251 Getting Family Support for Your Author Career Choice

How NOT to get a divorce when you make writing your career – that was one of the proposed titles for this episode. You have to ask your loved ones to trust you in what they might see as a huge gamble. Today, the guys talk about how to talk with your families, explain what you’re doing, and show them results. They ALSO share their spouses’ comments to questions posed.
Should you hold on to that sweet day job, or should you leap before looking? The guys hammer out a happy medium, an ‘exit plan.’

  • Figure out where you want to be in five years, then plan year one for getting there.
  • It’s okay to take it slow, but you should keep it steady, too. You must be flexible with your plan. It’s hard to know what it’s like to be a full-time writer, and it’s best to do it one step at a time.
  • The guys’ wives respond to balancing work with house chores. (Also, Johnny didn’t read his wife’s responses before the show. Lol.) They also discuss how it can be a challenge to work at home and work vs. family time.
  • Dave’s wife TOTALLY destroys him when asked about making plans and working hours.
  • The guys answer reader questions, including one guy who sold plasma to make ends meet.
  • If you’re going to expect your spouse to support you, you need to go in with a plan they can believe in and get through the tough parts.
  • Do you have friends and family who, because they support you, expect to have their input included in your book? The guys discuss what to do in this situation.
  • The guys discuss considerations like insurance and taxes, and how to look at your budget and income to make good decisions.
  • Dave and Sean discuss what to do when your major platform, like KDP Select, changes and your income dives. Also, Johnny hates exclusivitiy.
  • Sean’s a lucky bastard. His wife is amazing.

Want a sneak-peak into Sean’s home life and journey to becoming the successful author his is now? Check out Writer Dad, and the rest of the Sterling and Stone library.

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