SPP252 Making Time for Art and Business

We get the question all the time: ‘How do I make time for art AND business? I just want to write!’ We get it. We can’t all be great at both, but like it or not, business is necessary in a successful artist’s life in today’s world. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave explore the ways they – and YOU – can make time for both.

  • The best place to start is by deciding what’s REALLY important and prioritizing that list. You can consider outsourcing, if it’s in your budget.
  • You can create IP, or intellectual property, that will make money for you forever, and it’s worth segmenting your day to 1) create the property, and 2) sell the property.
  • You have to be protective of the time you’ve designated for art and business, and it’s helpful for you AND others, to schedule things for the same times.
  • Make sure you look at how you’re spending your time by keeping a time journal that documents actual time spent, not time you planned to spend, doing specific things.
  • Take a look at what time you have available each week. Maybe you only have 4 hours, but you need to fill that time with things that move you forward the most rather than what you can feel good about doing – need versus want and high yield tasks.
  • Some things to prioritize in business are list and community building, finances that are outgoing and incoming including your time, and strategizing or forward thinking.
  • It can be tough to change gears from art to business and back. The guys share their strategies for doing so effectively.
  • Sean is never not dreamy.
  • It’s worth mentioning AGAIN: be protective of your time and make time for friends and family so they’ll be more willing to give you yours.

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