SPP253 How to Work with a Small Press with Beth Ann Erickson

There are a lot of myths in the indie community about traditional publishing, and it can scare off some authors for whom traditional publishing is a goal. Today’s guest, Beth Ann Erickson, helps dispel those myths, and she takes a closer look at small press as a solution for authors who don’t want to self publish.
While self publishing is the most viable option for us, that doesn’t mean it’s a fit for everyone.

  • Beth battled cancer and won, and it’s changed the way she looks at grabbing opportunities.
  • There are several paths authors can take: self publishing, vanity publishing and predatory publishers (looking at you Tate Publishing), small press, and traditional. Unless you’re self publishing, money flows TO you instead of AWAY from you.
  • Sean and Beth disagree over what skills traditionally published authors have compared to indie publishing, specifically marketing and business.
  • Sometimes the things you think will work, don’t. Beth shares what does
  • Johnny and Beth discuss the advantages of going traditional, as well as how to handle contracts with traditional publishers. They aren’t always created equal.
  • Dave hates fake Kindle gurus. Surprised?
  • Beth digs into the different contract types, including selling rights, that authors should avoid at ALL COSTS.
  • Sean and Beth discuss the things that traditional publishing companies are getting right, including direct lines to book stores.
  • Should indies try to get into a book store? Beth gives a surprising answer.
  • Beth talks about the smartest thing indies can do that many traditionally published authors just don’t get – the email list.
  • Everyone discusses whether or not Amazon will be selling books in 5 years.
  • Beth shares the biggest thing indie authors don’t know about traditional publishing but should.
  • Biggest takeaway? Never pay for traditional publishing.

 Something Cool
Sean likes a new musical show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because it’s stupid, wonderful, and funny.

  • Dave is happy that 24 and Homeland are back! And amazingly, they have stayed fresh.
  • Johnny is listening to the audiobook Rocket Fuel. It’s a great business book that looks at how a ‘visionary’ and an ‘integrator’ can work together to run a business.

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