SPP254 Keep your Readers Forever with Dr Matt Champagne

Readers are hard enough to get, but have you given any thought about how to keep them? Today’s guest, Dr. Matt Champagne, is a psychologist and a ‘survey expert,’ but don’t let that put you off. It’s the ideas BEHIND what makes a successful survey that can help you get in touch with your readers, resonate with them, and make them fans for life.

  • Matt shares the story of ‘Betty Jean,’ two secretaries who helped spark Matt’s lifelong love of effective surveys and how to engage with your fans.
  • There’s a simple concept that many entrepreneurs miss when trying to get feedback from their customers: respect. Matt talks about how you might be missing the mark.
  • For authors, Matt talks about ways you can implement survey mentality to talk with your readers to get feedback without making it FEEL like a survey.
  • You’ve heard the concept of ‘closing the loop.’ But do you know how to do it in practice? Matt explains how an important part of feedback is having a conversation with your readers rather than gathering information for nothing.
  • Matt explains how to encourage readers to answer your questions by sharing the results, creating a snowball effect.
  • Seans shares how it’s easy to take your audience’s pulse and determine how you should interact with them, get a sense of who they are, and help shape what you write for them.
  • Matt explains what the autopsy approach is in surveys, and why it’s the worst thing you can do.
  • Have you taken a survey that you know wouldn’t matter? Even if you don’t give surveys, any communication you have with them where you ask a question and don’t respond makes them feel like their input doesn’t matter.
  • Giving versus taking is a concept you need to understand, or as Sean puts it, don’t be an asshole.
  • Matt and Dave talk about whether or not to bribe your audience in order to get them to respond to your questions.

Something cool:
Johnny loves KeystrokeMedium.com, whose ‘Covers for a Cure’ is selling book covers to help find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Dave loves the TV show The Americans because it’s great writing and respects the viewer.
  • Sean love the book Business Model Generation, that goes through business models and storytelling.
  • Matt love his homemade bourbon.

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