SPP256 Using Evergreen Marketing to Sell Books Between Launches

As authors, we tend to push very hard to market during book launches and specials, but between those pushes, our focus on marketing falls to the wayside. Today, the guys discuss how you can create evergreen marketing that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but can bring you extra sales.

  • Books are essentially passive income; you only have to write it once. But it’s not TRULY passive income; you need to do a little work to boost sales.
  • Highlighting your past catalogue is the best way to prevent your self publishing goal from changing from a dream to a grind.
  • Some of the ideas we have are still VERY new, and we’re testing a lot of them to create best practices.
  • WARNING: Some of the ideas you hear are untested. We’ll share the results!
  • Consider guiding fans of one book to another book in the same genre they’d enjoy as well, but use this strategy thoughtfully.
  • Does segmentation and tagging your list frighten you? It’s worth it, and Sean explains why.
  • The more you can individualize messages through segmentation of your list, the more you will earn from each email.
  • If you invest time in writing a great autoresponder, you really only need to check and update them quarterly, unless something drastic happens.
  • When you write your autoresponder, remember that the ‘getting to know me’ part isn’t about you. It’s about your reader.
  • Sean wants you to know: it’s okay if you don’t know everything. It’s okay to make mistakes. You can try again.
  • There’s a lot to know about BookBub, but know that it’s rarely not worth it if you can get it.
  • Sean and the guys discuss the risks involved in taking action and how it pays off.
  • Be creative! And remember: the only way you’re going to reap the rewards of evergreen marketing, you need to get those words on the page!

Something cool:
Sean is thrilled with the Apprentices and the Apprentice Program. Over 9 months, it’s finally coming to an end.

  • Dave loves the movie A Monster Calls and the poignant story behind it being made.
  • Johnny enjoyed the podcast retreat and our new lineup, especially the new entrepreneur podcast we’ve got waiting in the wings.

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One Reply to “SPP256 Using Evergreen Marketing to Sell Books Between Launches”

  1. Jane Steen

    I loved this episode but have to take issue with one remark. Somebody said that a problem with permafree books is that people leave less favorable reviews when the book is free. My experience is the exact opposite–I get way more 5-star reviews now. Even on Goodreads the overall ratings and number of high-starred reviews have improved.
    And you squished my BookBub high. I just scored my first ever BookBub promo for the permafree, so I was a bit crushed to hear you saying “well, even if you ONLY manage to get a BookBub for a free title…” 😀

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