SPP257 Celebrating the StoryShop Release with Developer Seth Atwood

We’ve been working on StoryShop for a long time now. It’s been time well spent, and we’re finally ready to unveil it. The first iteration of the software wasn’t up to our standards, but after going back to the drawing board, we’ve NAILED IT! Today, the guys talk with our software developer, Seth, and we pick apart the process and result.

  • StoryShop is an intuitive, story-planning software that’s unlike any other tool out there.
  • StoryShop has been a YEAR in the making, and Seth has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions while making it a reality.
  • We started out as a Kickstarter, and it almost bit us in the ass because of the road bumps.
  • There are over 336 worlds created in StoryShop so far – people are unleashing their creativity.
  • One of the software’s best features is the ability to collaborate, which we know a LOT about.
  • StoryShop started out a lot simpler than it ended up; we realized as soon as we started making it that we were very picky AND demanding. But more than that, we wanted to make sure it was worth making.
  • StoryShop Writer is another offshoot that proved to be invaluable, and it’s something else we’re adding in the very near future.
  • Seth shares a live demo, so if you’re listening to the podcast after the fact, you can also see a demo at net/storyshop

Something cool:
Johnny loved when he and Sean were on the plane annoying the guy next to them. But toward the flight, they realized the guy was totally impressed and wanted to know ‘what the fuck’ they do for a living. They showed him StoryShop and his jaw dropped.

  • Sean loved the movie Adaptation, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Lee.
  • Dave is still enjoying the show While he was a little disappointed in the season finale, but as a whole, it was phenomenal.

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