SPP259 Free Discoverability with Riley J Ford

Want a lateral, out of the box way to get discoverability without having to pay stacks of money to get it? Today’ guest, Riley Ford is the woman who said “I want to take on BookBub.” And  she had a PLAN to do it. Riley shares the framework of discoverability, and how YOU as an author (and reader) can get the most out of it.
Riley created a website, Free Books for Free, and she named it for the SEO… 5 million searches for that term. But the site is more than a gimmick. She has spent 5 years painstakingly creating the resource to make it great.

  • Riley’s site is meant to be a resource for people to advertise their books for free, because it’s nearly impossible for a reader to search for free books on Amazon and other platforms. That makes it tough for new authors to promote themselves.
  • And while we’re on the lateral thinking topic, by helping other authors, Riley was also able to help herself and her own writing career.
  • Sean shares a great tip: if you want to promote something, own the media.
  • Dave pops the question: what’s in it for OUR audience? Riley explains how the free books system works. Yes, it’s really free!
  • Riley explains how the site will also work well for authors while staying sustainable for her.
  • Riley discusses how ‘shit books’ will be there, but how the site will look at popularity in terms of ranking and featured books.
  • It’s important to know that it’s ONLY perma-free books on the site.
  • Dave asks what kind of power the site will have, and Riley explains the reader base they will have, and how it will be similar to BookBub.
  • This site is a great place for new authors to come and grow their fan bases.
  • Dave wants to know how they can embrace new authors but also keep out the terrible books. That’s a hard question, but Riley takes it on and they brainstorm ways.
  • Riley explains how the funnel works for free books to paid books for new authors. But it’s important to already have your own funnels set up, too. There’s no point putting a free book out there with nothing else to sell.

Something cool:
Dave has another repeat: A Monster Calls is now out of the theaters! What better, heart-warming story is there than a kid whose mother is dying?

  • Sean has another repeat, too: Judd Apetow’s season 2 of Love is out. While Sean didn’t like the first season, he’s really enjoying this one.
  • Johnny bucks the trend with a personal something cool: Johnny’s having a ‘guys’ weekend’ with his son.

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  1. Skyler Hall

    I wonder if she could register for “free *ebooks* for free” as well (without the asterisks of course), similar to how you guys registered phonetic variants of Realm and Sands (Roman Sands, etc).

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