SPP260 Making Money with Short Stories with Gregory Norris

We’ll be the first to admit it’s almost impossible to sell short stories. But we found someone who’s actually doing it and succeeding. Gregory Norris joins the guys to discuss his tactics and strategies for selling short stories, and how you can, too. Gregory sold over 54 short stories last year, and it’s major part of his author income.

  • Gregory starts with the fundamentals: start with a great story. Have great presentation. And make sure it’s edited.
  • Sean and Gregory discuss how much of his time is spent writing versus finding markets and promoting his stories.
  • Gregory shares a burgeoning new market for short stories around the sci-fi genre.
  • You don’t have to throw your short stories away; Gregory explains how he finds homes for all his ‘babies.’
  • Dave and Gregory discuss how to handle the rights of your stories, and how long to allow publishers to hold your rights, as well as reprints.
  • Johnny shares his experience in the ‘90s with traditional publishing and writing short stories for credit, and Gregory shares his more recent experience with publishers. He also explains how he approaches short story publishers, with and without credits.
  • Gregory and Dave discuss short story contests and whether they are worth your time.
  • To the brass tacks: how much can you make on a single short story? Gregory gives the range of income you can expect.
  • Gregory goes into the craft of short stories. He explains what you’re probably doing wrong when you write yours.
  • How long should a short story be? Gregory shares.
  • Want to know how to be a good steward of your writing income? Gregory describes how he keeps it all together as a full time author.


  • Search Open Call with the name of the genre (horror, romance, etc.) on Facebook, and you’ll find several groups you can join.

Something Cool:
Dave loves the TNT show called Animal Kingdom. He initially wasn’t interested in the mother/sons heist gang, but the opening scene got him.

  • Johnny enjoyed an article in Atlantic Monthly about how Netflix will be producing Martin Scorsese’s new gangster epic starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.
  • Sean is happy about his new puppy, Fisher, who is a totally sweetheart who isn’t pissing and shitting all over his house.

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