SPP262 Learnings from Smarter Artist Summit 2017

This year we hosted our second annual Smarter Artist Summit, packed full of great speakers, a crowd of supportive and enthusiastic writers, and Austin Dave. Today, the guys talk about their biggest takeaways, what they learned that surprised them, and how it will change their day-to-day business.

  • The guys talk about takeaways from Chris Fox, especially the mindset stuff authors need to be successful. It’s beyond strategies and tactics.
  • Sean explains how changing mindset, or reframing, helps him take a task he hates and get a lot more excited about it, from inventory management to team building.
  • The guys discuss having permission to do what you want to do.
  • Are you treating your author business as a business? Do you have a healthy relationship with money? Sean lists off some questions you should ask yourself.
  • Dave talks about how the financial institutions want you to be dumb about money.
  • Johnny discusses the importance of brand as an author – yes. It matters more than you think, and Johnny explains why.
  • The guys talk about what our team member Clark taught about story engineering, and how he believes you can’t be apologetic about your writing.
  • Beaver nuggets? Yes. Find out what they are.
  • Christine gave a talk about productivity, and the guys REALLY took that one to heart.
  • David Gaughran was the final speaker, and he focused on journeys; not just characters, but readers, writers, and everyone involved within the sphere of a book.
  • And our special friend Ben Hale is a great guy. Find out not how, but WHY he takes the time to learn everyone’s name.
  • Finally, Dave’s biggest takeaway was those people who were afraid to come but did anyway.

 Something Cool:
Sean enjoyed the SPP hangout the Monday before the Summit. They got to play rather than work. Dave ate waffle fries and refused the goat cheese.

  • Dave is back on the Walking Dave thing, and he got a new FitBit!
  • Johnny loves the Stone Table – our new community-oriented mastermind.

Interested in joining next year’s Smarter Artist Summit and get in on all the goodness? The venue is set and you can get more information here!

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