SPP267 Time Hacking with Jim Heskett

Jim Heskett is a mystery noir author (why also enjoys snark), and he’s got a crazy life. And a toddler. Today, Dave and the guys talk to Jim about how he manages to hack his time and release book after book. That’s what it takes to make it as an indie author, so supercharge your time management now!
• In 2016, Jim published a quarter of a million words.
• Jim’s system allows him to work an hour to an hour and a half to write a novel in 3 months!
• Jim discusses his process, starting with a short first draft he treats like a lump of clay.
• It’s not efficient to write gorgeous prose you’ll cut later, so Jim tends to keep it short and sweet until his structure is solid.
• Jim talks about how he plots action but pantses his characters, and that’s how it goes from 30K to 60K words.
• Sean picks apart Jim’s process from first to second draft.
• Johnny and Jim discuss how much of the first draft is saved through the second draft, and how much of his work is in replacing descriptions, dialogue, and language – it’s color.
• Jim explains how he uses [brackets] to keep himself in the flow of the story, and how not to waste time.
• Dave talks about how the MUSE is really insecurity; Jim explains what he means.
• The guys discuss with Jim how many drafts you really need.
• Dave talks about having a story with a lot of moving pieces, and Jim and Sean discuss how to keep them all in check.
• Jim shares some of his editing hacks that help him see problems that he wouldn’t normally see.
Something cool:
• Sean is excited about their fiction slate for the next few months!
• Johnny was looking at our trailers and found a related video (what?) on archery.
• Jim has a cool thing: the Squatty Potty. For real.
Check out Jim’s book The Juggling Author!

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