SPP269 How to Brainstorm Ideas from Nothing

Our last live brainstorming show was a hit and a source of inspiration for writers who think they don’t have good idea. Due to popular demand, we’re doing another one of these with a slightly different angle. We asked our Facebook fans to give us ideas for characters, settings, and situations! Join Johnny, Sean, and Dave as they reveal their process for idea development.

  •  Sean and Dave explain how they come up with their ideas from scratch, and the process – creative and procedural – they go through in collaboration.
  • Johnny and Sean butt heads on ‘self-collaboration’ and the relationship with your inner artist.
  • Sean explains how he never settles for his first idea.
  • Johnny talks about some of the issues he and Sean face in ‘passes’ while they collaborate.
  • Dave reads off the lists of ideas submitted by the community – there are so many great ones we can’t list them all here, so make sure to listen if you want to be inspired!
  • They choose: carnival, trapped in a supernatural hurricane, the blind child with special powers, a compulsive liar, dog searching for his owner, the last dinosaur (a crappy exhibit that’s probably an alligator.)
  • The guys dig into how to make the premise more interesting, and they filter out some of their previous ideas and replace them with ideas that will work better. (A big ‘what if?’ debate, one you should always have.)
  • The guys take their ideas and discuss how to make them work in a novel, in terms of the thought process behind it.

Something Cool:
Dave is taking his son to see Cars 3. He’s got mixed feelings because of the bad reviews.

  • Johnny is reading his second Joe Hill book,
  • Sean’s something cool that’s RELEVANT, too. Sean got to step into the role of showrunner! (Also, the book Liminal Thinking.)

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