SPP270 Delegation and Outsourcing

The community has been asking us about what we outsource and delegate to others. We’ve grown a lot over the past years, and it’s become more important for us to focus on what we do best. Today, the guys discuss what they outsource, as well as the thought process behind those choices.
Johnny starts with the question: What CAN you outsource? Just about anything, but you should be careful.

  • Sean and Johnny discuss how they have decided what things they take off Dave’s place, by outsourcing, that make the best use of his time.
  • The guys make the argument against making your own book cover, especially since it’s the biggest conversion element. Next most important? Your product description.
  • Sean explains how to decide what projects you keep for yourself, and what you should outsource, based on your personal strengths.
  • Sean and Johnny talk about how to be a good manager for your outsourcing and what’s required of YOU.
  • It’s not enough to have the right person; you must have the right person in the right position.
  • The guys discuss setting good expectations and how NOT to micromanage people while still getting the results and work done you want.
  • Sean explains that outsourcing is a SKILL. You’ll get better at it over time.
  • Johnny also discusses what to do when your outsourced people have their OWN outsourced people. In other words, you should have to manage your employee’s employees. Make sense?
  • Sean closes with these thoughts: don’t be a seagull manager. Know what you want to outsource for, start small, and be specific when you consider the outcomes you want.

Something Cool:
Dave loves the final episode of season 3 of Better Call Saul. It’s so well done!

  • Johnny is loving the book, Good to Great. It’s what distinguished good companies from great companies, and the transition period between those.
  • Sean has something NOT cool – All Eyez On Me. It was even a date night. The movie falls short on the script.

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One Reply to “SPP270 Delegation and Outsourcing”

  1. Steve Wickham

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this program, they were very helpful.
    I resisted for a long time outsourcing part of my website development company because I didn’t like the idea of hiring people outside the US, but that is the only talent pool I could afford.
    But I did it finally about 3 years ago and it really made significant difference in my business and life in general. Also it really changed the lives of the people who now work for me. One was able to leave a job he hated and start his own family near where his and his wife’s families lives. The other was able to build an addition on his parents home and give the house he and his brother were living in to homeless family in his church.
    I never expected to have such an impact on their lives just because I was trying to get all my stuff done better, faster and cheaper.
    Also, another “task” that anyone can outsource is cleaning the house. Hire someone to come in clean and you will get that part of your life back and probably have a cleaner home to enjoy when you’re not working. And if you work at home like I do, you won’t be expending so much mental energy thinking that what needs to be cleaned.

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