SPP271 Ask Us Anything

Today is one of our favorite things to do: gather up a whole slew of audience questions and answer them! Our questions come from our email list, our Facebook page, YouTube, and also those who joined us live. If you’ve got a question you want answered, chances are someone else had a similar question!

  • Is there anything you can say about StoryShop Writer?
  • How about Apprentice 2 or Streamline – is it on the horizon?
  • What are some things an author can do to breathe new life into an old series? (Lots of answers for different situations.)
  • We’re halfway through 2017; what’s the most beneficial thing you’ve done for your business this year?
  • What tips do you have for slow writers? It seems like everything you do is for fast writers.
  • I feel like I can’t afford all the things you need to be a successful indie author. How do I know what to invest in, how much, and when?
  • How do shared worlds work?
  • How are you guys thinking about handling the rights for a shared world?
  • Will you guys be opening up any of your other lines for collaboration?
  • What is the biggest waste of time for an indie?

Something cool:

  • Sean’s something cool is the Sara Silverman special on Netflix. You’ll go to hell if you watch it, btw.
  • Johnny is happy about a company pivot he and Sean had, which is a singular focus on story. That’s the simplified version.
  • Dave’s is a comedy show on HBO by Chris Gethard, and Dave was deeply impressed by the content.

If you’re interested in submitting your questions for our next Ask Us Anything, go to sterlingandstone.net/aua !
Also, if you’re interested in indie writing but aren’t sure it’s for you, download our free worksheets at sterlingandstone.net/indie !

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