SPP272 How and When to End a Series with Rick Gualtieri

Closing a long running series is tough. It’s like walking away from money and saying NO the people who want more. But all good things must come to an end, and today’s guest, Rick Gualtieri, discusses how to know when to close out your series. You need to… KNOW YOUR WHY! (Surprised? You shouldn’t be.)
Rick shares a little bit about his ‘dick joke’ vampire series that included eight books total, written over five years.

  • Rick talks about how he totally screwed up his first book. Horror and Comedy tags on the same book wasn’t really a seller. He explains how switching categories was all it took for the series to take off. (And an Amazon glitch. Shhhh…)
  • Sean and Rick discuss rebranding the series, and the thought behind re-doing everything.
  • Closing a series isn’t easy, and Rick talks about why he closed out his first successful series.
  • The guys talk about their own series, Dave dealing with accusations of being a sellout, and how they think about a series as a whole in terms of how many books it should contain.
  • Rick talks about his current catalogue and the thought behind what he’s writing and releasing, and what his plans are for each of them.
  • The guys get into the meat and potatoes of the episode: how do you know when to close a series (when you have a family that needs to eat food)?
  • Rick shares his advice on how long to keep your day job.
  • While mailing lists are the gold standard, Rick talks about what he does in tandem with it.
  • Johnny asks about how KU helps with effectiveness, and Rick shares his thoughts and when he pulled back specifically to KU, and what percentage of his sales comes from it.
  • Rick talks about what series and books he’s got coming up next.

Something cool:
Sean is happy about story meetings with Dave. That’s not typical.

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