SPP273 Ask Us Anything – Worldbuilder Edition

For this episode, the guys are just returning from the Worldbuilder Summit and they’ve got some amazing insights to share. What is the Worldbuilder Summit? It’s too much to write in mere show notes, so listen to this episode if you want to be inspired – and surprised – by the magic of commercial world building.
The guys talk about what the event was about. People lost their shoes.

  • Johnny talks about StoneTable and how you can get involved, and about the next Worldbuilder.

To the questions!
Do you have recommendations for books that talk about world building?

  • Once you have an idea for a world, what are the questions you ask to help you expand on it?
  • What’s your take on how much invention you can do in sci-fi fiction?
  • Do you know of any specific SPP episodes that go into Iterate and Optimize?
  • What are three things to avoid and three things to avoid when collaborating?
  • Can you talk a little more about how a shared world works in marketing and business?
  • How is the rebranding of Dead City going?
  • Dying to read the sequel to Dead City – when is Dead Nation coming out?
  • How do you spend money when it’s a hobby versus a business?
  • I have an acting background, so my books are very scene by scene more than novella; how should I release these?
  • When you’ve built a large, robust world, where do you start in the story?
  • How do I put story FIRST?
  • How do you pick sentence length? (The book Dialogue is a great resource.)
  • I’m working on my first novel of a trilogy. Is it better to write them all and edit after, or should I do one at a time?
  • Sean can’t say ‘vigilante.’

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