SPP274 Reader Psychographics with Michelle Spiva

Michelle Spiva does WTF amazing things. Aside from writing ‘the naughty,’ she has taught nearly 10k people how to write fiction. She brings a background of psychology and analytics, so Michelle is the person you talk to when you have a block. Today, they talk about reader psychographics: how readers of all ages are changing over time.

  •  Michelle talks about how she uses her background in psychology to analyze readers, and how to create a craving in them for your work.
  • There are stages of development and the tones that go along with it.
  • Michelle uses Harry Potter as an example of how readers change over time, and how your books can reflect it – themes of wonder, magic, love, and conflict.
  • The guys and Michelle discuss how age affects what you’re willing to read, and the magic numbers to aim for.
  • Michelle discusses nostalgia and how it affects readers.
  • Michelle explains how and why 20-40 year old readers are reading across genres.
  • Angst and action are powerful; Michelle tells you how to use them to choose demographics for your books.
  • Want to write for 18-39 year olds (the biggest demographic)? Michelle tells you exactly what to write. Clue? Hunger games.
  • Johnny poses the question for a long-time writer: how to you keep a long-time reader when you’re changing as a writer?
  • Sean, once again, takes it to Pixar. Surprised?
  • Dave asks how authors who are in a rut can evolve and keep up with where their audience is going. Michelle replies with Sylvester Stallone as a painter. Wut?
  • Also, STEPHEN KING DISCUSSION! You really shouldn’t be surprised…
  • Michelle gives a very poignant final thought for the guys: the successful author isn’t just about marketing. The successful author is also about how you handle the attention.

Something Cool:

  •  Sean is excited about McKee’s book, It’s the best book on dialogue he’s ever read.
  • Johnny had dinner with James from Podium Audio, who introduced him to the idea of the 6 word intro.
  • Dave’s something cool is something old: he ignored Izaac Asimov’s work for a long time, but now he is astounded by his writing volume.
  • Michelle has been doing Fitbit challenges with the Smarter Artist group, and the Facebook Live she does while walking. She’s down 40 pounds!

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