SPP283 with Kelly Lytle of Findaway Voices

Kelly Lytle of Findaway Voices (http://www.findawayvoices.com/) joins us as we discuss a new platform for audiobook production and the future the audiobook market for indie authors.

  • Kelly breaks down what Findaway Voices is and how it handles audiobook narration.
  • He explains the difference between Findaway Voices and the other audiobook options available for indie authors.
  • Kelly shares how pricing breaks down for creating audiobooks with Findaway Voices.
  • So what’s the catch? Kelly explains how they can compete with giants like ACX.
  • Kelly also gives us his response to: “I’m a new author, but I only have a few books out. Should I do audio?”
  • Johnny and Kelly talk about audiobook length and how distributing wide to other audiobook subscription services enables the success of shorter books.
  • Kelly explains how the royalty rates work.
  • Kelly tells us what he expects the audiobook market to look like six to twelve months from now.
  • Findaway Voices is on the inside working with audiobook venders. Kelly shares about how they work with authors and vendors for the best results.
  • Sean and Kelly talk expectations and how to determine your potential return on investment.

Something Cool:

  • Dave is excited about Amazon’s show called Fortitude, a murder mystery that takes place in the arctic circle. It’s totally in is wheelhouse: mystery, excellent camera work, and people suffering.
  • Johnny’s something cool is a self-described “fever pitch of cool.” StoryShop Writer (http://www.storyshop.io/) is available, and he’s finally experiencing what a true drafting tool can be, and how it will streamline their story studio’s production process. Sean experiences showing off StoryShop to the world.
  • Sean is watching a show on Netflix called Disjointed. It’s a modern sitcom with a laugh track, but with Kathy Bates and writing that pushes the format.

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