SPP289 Ads for Authors with Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson continues to take the self-publishing world by storm. Between his instructional books, courses, and his own Self-Publishing Formula Podcast, he’s carrying the experimental torch into an uncertain world of marketing and advertising. Today, the guys talk to him about how authors can use Facebook and Amazon’s platforms to take your advertising and to the next level. You can find bonuses at https://www.sterlingandstone.net/dawson.

  • Mark talks about how he got started with helping authors sell books.
  • Mark shares what has changed for him in Facebook advertising.
  • Mark sums up the different tactics in Facebook advertising and shares his opinion on what works.
  • Mark gives us insight on his recent most successful Facebook ad campaign.
  • Is the Facebook ads gold rush over? Mark talks about the Facebook Ad saturation rate, algorithm change, and how he’s had to change his methods to adapt.
  • Mark advises how to not blow all your money on Facebook ads, and how to make wise investments in the platform.
  • Amazon ads is an area not many authors have shared their experiences with. Mark describes the difference between Amazon ads and Facebook ads and why you should consider using Amazon’s new platform.
  • Mark teaches us how to not screw up Amazon’s recommendation engine when selling fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Mark talks about Facebook Messenger Bots and how to use it can be used for marketing, then talks about how to use it appropriately, without pissing everyone off.

Something Cool:

  • Sean has been watching the show I’m Dying Up Here (https://www.hulu.com/im-dying-up-here). It’s a show that “explores the struggles of ‘making it big’ in the 1970’s L.A. comedy scene. A group of up-and-coming comedians hone their craft at Goldie’s, the hottest stand-up club in town, hoping that someone, anyone, will laugh.”
  • Johnny attended the Austin Film Festival with Sean. They discovered a whole new side of storytelling with brand new places to explore.
  • Dave watched season two of Stranger Things (https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281) and really appreciates how they paid attention to the fans and fulfilled expectations.

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  1. thefundingguru

    Looks like your Mark Dawson bonus link goes to a holding page for the course as if its closed. However, I think its still open. Right link?

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