SPP299 Year in Review

2017 has been a whirlwind year for the Sterling and Stone team. In addition to this year’s prep work, they’ve spent the past four years building the systems and assets needed in order to prepare for 2018’s plans. In this episode, Johnny, Sean, and Dave discuss what they’ve learned in 2017 and how they’ve become smarter artists as a result.

  • In 2017, Johnny and Sean attended Robert McKee’s Story Seminar. The guys share how that experience helped redefine their imprints and how they write new stories moving forward.
  • The production model for storytelling is an idea the guys have been talking about for years, and in 2017 they’ve taken real steps to build a story studio with that system in place.
  • Johnny talks about the importance of asset diversification and how it has allowed them to build a story studio that can’t easily collapse.
  • Sean shares how he learned to build ideas that are more inline with the studio’s goals and interests.
  • Dave and Sean talk about CI’s growth, and how they’ve taken special steps to get the imprint back in shape.
  • Stories To Go (http://www.StoriesToGo.io/) was Sterling and Stone’s answer to a fiction writing and publishing course. They guys share how they came to the idea and why it works better than a traditional course.
  • Team building was an important part of Sterling and Stone’s growth in 2017. The guys walk through how their hiring process has changed and how the team has grown.
  • 2017 has taught S&S the value of community. The Stone Table (https://stonetable.io/), The Smarter Artist Summit (https://smarterartistsummit.com/), and the Smarter Artist Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/smarterartist/) has become an important part of their development.

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