SSP096 The Guys Discuss: Binge Culture for Storytellers

Once upon a time, if you wanted to binge-watch your favorite show, you had to record each episode from TV and wait to save up all the episodes so you could watch them in a row. Either that or buy box sets of DVDs when they came out. But ever since Netflix dropped the full season of House of Cards in 2013, all that has changed. Now binge-watching has become part of the culture.

On today’s episode, the guys discuss how binge-watching has affected the way they both consume and create stories.

Why do people love to binge? Before on-demand streaming, only mega fans figured out ways to binge-watch their favorite shows. Now anyone can do it for most shows anytime. How does this insatiable appetite to binge affect the way we write and tell stories?

Sean and Dave talk about their experiments with serializing fiction, dripping it out week by week and month by month vs writing a piece as a serial but then saving it up to publish all at once.

The guys also discuss their own successes and struggles with packaging up series of books into box sets to sell for binge-readers.

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