SSP 120 The Guys Discuss: What We’ve Learned So Far in 2020

We are living in a Black Mirror episode. Dave always was living in a Black Mirror episode, but 2020 is the year the rest of the world joined him there. So, what have the guys learned from 2020 so far?

Johnny has been relearning how to find his mojo and inspiration after finishing the soul-crushing project that would not end last year. That project left him feeling too fenced in and restricted by outlines and beats, and beholden to the contributions of collaborators. He started 2020 by returning to the world of The Inevitable to finish the series off with Cascade Failure and Reboot where he wrote with much looser preproduction. Currently, he is back writing in the Dead City world, and rather than using outlines and actual beats, Sean gave him a grab bag of beats that he can pull from as he likes and use where he wants. In this process, Johnny has come to realize he is more of a pantser than he thought he was.

Dave, on the other hand, has had almost the opposite experience this year as he revisits the world of Yesterday’s Gone. Dave has started leaning into the pre-production planning, exploring more of the story ahead of time, and is finding the actual writing easier and less excruciating. He has surprised himself by realizing that he is less of a pantser than he thought.

And Sean has never felt closer to both Johnny and Dave as a collaborator and editor, and is now better able to edit both of their work with confidence and clarity. Sean is also finding his rhythm in working with Bonnie on stories and outlines and with Niamh in the business as a whole.

Listen in to learn more.

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